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A roof restoration is generally a 2 day job and will in most circumstances add a further $10,000 – $15,000 to the value of your home.


The roof is high pressure cleaned using a 4000psi pressure cleaner that strips the tiles of all dirt, moss, lichen, stains and old paint / oxides. Broken and cracked tiles are removed and replaced which prevents future leaks.


Ridge capping is re-bedded where required and sealed using a flexible compound.When the roof is pointed using cement the colour will fade and the cement will crack and corrode. This is due to expansion and contraction of the timber trusses in the roof, because cement has no flexibility and does not give. Where as flexi-point, which is a flexable compound will expand and contract with the hot and cold weather as it is designed to not crack or fade.


We apply an anti-fungus treatment to your roof then apply 1 x coat of PRIMER which is 100% acrylic for rough and porous surfaces. Then 2 coats of DULUX Acratec paint is applied in the colour of you choice.


We provide a 10 year guarantee on the products and on our workmanship.

Not only will your roof look new and be admired by all your neighbours but will last an etra 15-20 years to the life of your roof

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